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Technical Advisories

As we enhance TREDIS Software Products, we list the changes and their impacts on our users.  The following are the Technical Advisories we have released:


2021-01F – Import Spreadsheet Updates Updated Import Spreadsheet - Cost Tab
2021-01E – Trip Balancing Updated Trip Balancing Features
2021-01D – Transit Accounting Clarification for changes in how transit operations affect economic impacts
2021-01C – TNCs Addition of autonomous vehicles for TNCs and changes to the transportation services accounting summary report.
2021-01B – Cost Categories New cost categories and other cost updates
2021-01A – Charge Accounting Updates to the accounting of fares, tolls, and fees for economic impact analysis.
2020-10B – New Project Compare Feature Reviewing results for multiple projects is now facilitated using the new Compare Projects feature.
2020-10A – Updated spreadsheet import process TREDIS spreadsheet import process now matches input value precision within the spreadsheet to the user interface data input precision, regardless of the extra precision provided in the spreadsheet so both input values yield the same results.
2020-08B - Grant Reviewer Account A new account type has been established to allow USDOT grant application reviewers to be able to view submitted TREDIS projects as part of the grant approval process.
2020-08A - Import Spreadsheet - Short Form  To reduce complexity in using the Project Import feature, we have now made certain tabs that are not used in your projects as optional for inclusion in the project import spreadsheet.
2020-04B - Updated Market Access Input Form In response to user deedback and to avoid conflicting inputs to the market access calculations, we have restricted the Market Access inputs to a single mode at a time.  
2020-04A - Updated Economic Data and Default Factors This update introduces latest economic data based on Implan 2018, and updates to the default factors used for all new TREDIS projects.
2020-03A - Fuel Efficiency and Import Spreadsheet Now model Fuel Efficiency for multiple modes and scenarios over time with new inputs. This change also updates the project import spreadsheet.
2020-02A - Updating Federal Grant Mode Purpose Fixed Factors The default values for modes used in Federal Grant Analyses were updated.
2019-11A - Improved Project Export Enhanced batch analysis processing to improve usability and performance.
2019-10A - New Factors for Poor Pavement, Value of Time Adjustment,
and Other Societal Costs/Benefits
New input adjustments have been added to TREDIS to improve the model accuracy.
2019-08A - Changes to
Modes Screen and Project Import
The TREDIS Mode screen user interface has been enhanced to simplify updating the project level mode factors and to prepare for new functionality coming soon.
2019-05A - Refreshed User Interface The TREDIS user interface has been enhanced to simplify input selections and improve interactive performance of the system.
2019-04A - HH_Reallocation_of_VOC An update to the fixed factors in TREDIS 5 was made in late January 2019 to align with December 2018 Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) Guidance from USDOT and the release of IMPLAN 2017 data to customers in TREDIS.
2018-06A - Updating Federal Grant Mode Purpose Fixed Factors Default values for Value of Time, Operating Costs, Safety Costs, and Environmental Costs were updated in accordance with 2018 Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) Guidance for Discretionary Grant Programs.
2017-10A - Updated Safety and Emissions Costs Default values for Safety and Environmental costs were updated to match 2017 US DOT grant Guidance.
2017-02A - New Modes – Ride-hailing TREDIS now includes new modes: Taxis and Transportation Network Companies (TNC)
2017-06A - Fuel Taxes Updated State Fuel Taxes Updated with January 2017 values from Federation of Tax Administrators
2017-01B - Reliability and Travel Growth Enhancements This update describes the enhancements made to the handling of buffer time and interpolation of travel characteristics within TREDIS 5.
2017-01A - Fuel Cost Enhancements This update describes the enhancements made to the handling of buffer time and interpolation of travel characteristics within TREDIS 5.
2016-12B - Depreciation Type Enhancements Alternative methods provided for computing depreciation and residual value of investments (One-Time Project or Annual Program)
2016-12A - Growth Interpolation Method enhancements Adds straight line growth calculations for interpreting travel inputs for years in which there are no user inputs. This adds a new option to the default Compound Annual Growth method.
2016-09C - Existing Facility Analysis Type In response to customer requests, the Existing Facility Analysis Type is now available in TREDIS 5.
2016-09B - Improvements and Bug Fixes Updates enhancing precision, speed, and user interface.
2016-09A - Economic Impact Improvements Improvements to the Economic Impact Module in the area of consumer spending.
2016-08A - Download Results to Excel Issue Fix for Microsoft Excel not being able to open TREDIS results.
2016-05A - Default Values Updates Default values were updated for crew costs, passenger costs, reliability costs, freight costs per ton hour and out-of-vehicle time costs.
2016-04B - Browser Timeout Issue How to address browser time-out issues
2016-04A - Default Values Updates Default values for Safety and Environmental costs were updated to match US DOT grant Guidance.
2016-03A - Project Notes TREDIS now includes field to add notes about your project on the Project Page.
2015-10A - Safety Cost Factor Updates Updated Default Safety Cost Factors
2015-07A - Passenger Fee Cost Calculations Summary of Changes to Toll Cost/ Passenger Fee Calculation
2015-06D - Market Access Market Access Usage Advisory
2015-06C - Multi-Regional Models Advisory on using multi-regional projects
2015-06B - Emissions Updated default values for computing impacts of environmental factors along with improved methodology for calculations
2015-06A - Supported Browsers TREDIS adds support for Firefox beginning with version 37




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