TREDIS Version and Data Retention Policy

June 21, 2016


Version End of Life

TREDIS is continuously developing new versions of the product as new features or architectures are adopted. As a result, older versions are retired periodically under the following schedule:

  • Upon the release of a new version, the prior version will enter the end of life cycle.

    • Approximately six (6) months following the new version release, a notice will be sent out to all current subscribers informing them of the end of life schedule. Users are encouraged to use the project backup feature in the group options page to create backups of any project they wish to retain their inputs.
    • At twelve (12) months after the new version release, the prior version will be viewable as read only content, which means the economic model cannot be re-run and no new projects may be created.  All reports for existing projects can be viewed and exported.  Technical support and program support for the previous version will end at this time.
    • Thirty-six (36) months after the new version release, the older release will be retired and all users will be expected to be using the current release. For active TREDIS subscribers, the project data shall be maintained, however access will require support from the TREDIS team.

As an example, TREDIS 5 was released in January of 2016. In July, 2016, an email will be sent to all active TREDIS users advising that TREDIS 4 is entering the end of life process and that effective April, 2017 no new projects may be created. Existing projects will continue to be viewable through January, 2019.

Data Retention Policy

User data consisting of project inputs and economic models is maintained as long as their subscriptions are active. If a subscription is allowed to lapse, the user data will be maintained for a minimum of six (6) months and then be subject to deletion.


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