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The TREDIS Story

TREDIS® started as a double-feature dream.  The first dream was to provide a truly consistent analysis system that combined benefit-cost analysis (BCA), economic impact analysis (EIA) and financial impact analysis (FIA), in a way that would improve transportation planning.  In the past, tools for conducting these various types of economic studies have been inconsistent with each other and limited in coverage of transportation modes.  That brings us to the second dream, which was to break out of the modal silos plaguing federal and state transportation agencies and research funding programs in the US.  So while there are benefit-cost tools for highways and for airports, there are none that work across both modes for integrated multi-modal planning.
TREDIS was developed privately, without any taxpayer subsidy, to improve transportation planning practice.  It was designed as a web-based tool to enable university researchers, consultants and transportation agency staff to share results and collaborate.  We offer the multimodal BCA tool, operating on our web platform, free to planning agencies, and many have taken us up on it.  The tool has in fact been used successfully for communities to win a variety of USDOT Grants across the US.
We also offer a free teaching version of the full TREDIS suite for use in university classrooms, and a variety of universities and faculty have successfully integrated it into their curricula.
The economic analysis and financial models in TREDIS are offered on a subscription fee basis. This covers the cost of developing and maintaining a system that incorporates the best of available private data.  For instance, the US version of TREDIS builds on economic forecasts from Moody’s Analytics, international trade flows from WiserTrade, inter-industry economic flows and tax data from IMPLAN Group and commodity flows from IHS.
With a view towards the future, we built TREDIS on a flexible modular structure that enables it to work on an ever-expanding set of add-on applications.  This allows TREDIS to work with existing transport, land use and other economic models.  The TREDIS 5 platform also includes add-on freight and trade analysis tools.
We’re building a vibrant user community and are proud to now be the most widely used transportation economic analysis system in North America.  We’re not stopping there.  TREDIS is built so that it can be adapted for any country.  Canadian and Australian models have already been added.
It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of transportation economic analytics!  We invite you to be a part of it.

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