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Strategic Planning with TREDPLAN

TREDPLANTM provides a platform to identify opportunities,
vulnerabilities, and needs for long range strategic planning.


A powerful, data driven visualization system covering historical, current and future changes in work force, business and trade in your region, ports, and economy.  Evaluate how your facility's or region's future is changing against cometitors, partnersm and peers, allowing informed decisions by determining demand opportunities and risks.  
Useful for assesing demand for future transportation facilities, evaluating compeitive opportunities and threats,  will be driven by emerging changes in commuting and trade. 

Three versions of TREDPLAN

TREDPLAN-Ports: Select an air or sea port and assess future shifts in its markets, competitiveness and growth opportunities. TREDPLAN-Regions: Select a planning region, and assess future shifts in its economic growth, defining future commuter and freight flows. TREDPLAN-Economy: Select an economic region, and assess future growth opportunities and related labor, energy, and other needs.


TREDPLAN is available in two ways: (1) as a web-based service whereby a subscriber signs up to use the online, interactive TREDPLAN website, and (2) via Consulting Services whereby a consultant queries the system and prepares reports from it.


Embedded in the TREDPLAN framework, the core database has extensive information on population demographics, economic and business patterns, trade and freight flows, for all US counties and their domestic and foreign trade partners. 

TREDPLAN addresses changes in the composition mix and spatial patterns of population, economy, trade, supply chains, and travel demand, across time.  TREDPLAN forecasts external scenarios regarding technology, trade regulation, energy prices, and currency rates, with data sourced from IMPLAN, Moody's, WISERTrade, vFreighttm and others.


Building on a significant database of predictive change, TREDPLAN contains extensive information on emerging changes in spatial, economic, demographic, and trade patterns. 

Competitive Insights

TREDPLAN leverages this data to derive insights into the competitive position and investment needs for air and sea ports, cities, regions, and states.


Use Cases

  • Long range planning
  • Strategic capital investments
  • Coordinating transportation and economic development
  • State or regional economic atlas
  • Risk and resiliency analysis





  • Who are my major competitors, trade partners or comparables?
  • How will the magnitude/mix profile of my area (population, economy, trade, travel, etc.) shift spatially over time?
  • How do my projected shifts over time compare with those of my major competitors, partners, or comparables?



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