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Learn how TREDIS® software products can help your organization evaluate transportation projects for economic viability.  Our webinars are approximately 60 minutes in duration and plenty of time is reserved for answering your questions.



Tuesday, October 30, 2018 1:00 - 1:45 pm (EDT)


We are pleased to invite you to join us for a live demonstration of the newest addition to the TREDIS® suite of products - the TREDTransit™ Calculator.  Developed by TREDIS Software architects and EDR Group in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the TREDTransit Calculator simply and easily assesses the economic impacts of your transit agency's capital and operating budget.
You can estimate the number of jobs, labor income, GDP and output directly supported by annual operations and capital investment. Then, trace impacts of activity through stratified direct and secondary effects to understand how industries are impacted. These insights can effectively communicate how transit spending and investment contributes to the economy of your region.
Why does this matter?  You can build advocacy for your transit agency by demonstrating how operations supports the local economy on an industry or occupation basis
To demonstrate a TREDTransit analysis, we will guide you through a sample project.
Key Features of TREDTransit:
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Impact by Industry, Occupation
Topics to be discussed: Required inputs, sources of information, and how to estimate the economic impact of regional economy. 

Note: TREDTransit analyses should not be considered a substitute for a comprehensive study of transportation system user benefits and broader economic development effects.

Are you an APTA member?  You already have free access to this economic impact tool!  Not an APTA member?  Click here to join APTA.

Webinar Audience: Content is appropriate for those who are just learning about the TREDISTransit calculator. General transportation industry knowledge and familiarity with transit terms is important.
Participation is free but registration is required. Space is limited.



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Practical Applications, Featuring Guest Speakers:

Guest Speakers:
Scott Moore, Moore Data LLC - Richland County Transportation Plan
Wendy Tao, Cambridge Systematics - CA Land Use & Density
David Wasserman, North Carolina DOT - Hwy Prioritization 2.0
Steve Landau, EDR Group - MA South Coast Corridor
Brianne Glover, Texas Transportation Institute - Competitive Grant Applications
Kyle Schneweis, High Street Consulting - KS Highway Preservation Building

Download the white paper  
Guest Speakers:
Craig Casper, Transportation Director, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments 
Alpesh Patel, Strategic Planning Office, North Carolina Department of Transportation 
Kermit Wies, Deputy Executive Director, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning

Guest Speakers: 
Federal Perspective:  Martin Weiss, formerly at Federal Highway Administration 
State/Local Perspective:  Chandler Duncan, formerly at MN DOT and Charlotte DOT

Guest Speakers: 
Julie Lorenz - Kansas Department of Transportation 
Mike Garrett – Virginia Department of Transportation 
Craig Casper - Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments 
Brett M. Baden - Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning
Robert Russell - Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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