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TREDPLAN: NEW Generation of Planning Tools

TREDPLAN provides a platform to identify opportunities,
vulnerabilities, and needs for long range planning.


TREDPLANTM is a suite of specialized products which integrate established economic models and data sources, including a county level freight database, to provide a clear picture on regional growth, competitiveness, and challenges for planning for the future. TREDPLAN gives the user mastery over their analysis by providing a dynamic, transparent tool. TREDPLAN allows the user to explore the link between freight and the economy and determine how that link changes over time.  
Products derived from this tool are geared towards custom applications centered around either growth from a REGIONAL point of view, or from a FACILITY planning perspective: focusing on the kinds of questions that matter when understanding what makes each market tick, and what is driving their change – either as an opportunity, or as a feature. 

Competitive Insights

TREDPLAN leverages this data to derive insights into the competitive position and investment needs for air and sea ports, cities, regions, and states. 



  • Focus of Analysis on Groups of Counties comprising regions of interest
  • Looks at economy driven change, and linkages for Freight to show implications for my region


  • Focus of Analysis on a Facility’s market
  • Looks at how changes in economy drive
    demand for facility services


TREDPLAN Operates off a visual querying platform that enables an intuitive way to understand regional growth and change by giving the user the ability to hone their areas of analysis, and examine the drivers



Embedded in the TREDPLAN framework, the core database has extensive information on population demographics, economic and business patterns, trade and freight flows, for all US counties and their domestic and foreign trade partners. 

TREDPLAN addresses changes in the composition mix and spatial patterns of population, economy, trade, supply chains, and travel demand, across time.  TREDPLAN forecasts external scenarios regarding technology, trade regulation, energy prices, and currency rates, with data sourced from IMPLAN, Moody's, WISERTrade, vFreighttm and others.



TREDPLAN Potential Economic Scenarios

  • Global Economic Forecasts to 2045
  • Shifting Energy Prices
  • International Trade Shifts (due to Tariffs)
  • Economy – recession
  • Technology - supply chains, 3D printing, etc.
  • US Air and Sea Ports – strike or barrier


Ask about integration options with other models to customize results.


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